You probably think this is another headline to attract your attention. After all, how much weight can be attached when running a blog about a healthy lifestyle? Well, you can, and it’s no coincidence. This is one of the most important texts in my life. I want to show you that we are all just people and that there is no situation without a way out.

Wondering why this post? After all, I could hide from you the fact of buying a large amount of kg and continue to carefree blog, not exposing myself to negative comments and not leaving your comfort zone.

However, I always want to be CHARGE with myself and my readers, because I respect them very much for the time devoted to me and for the fact that they are here. That is why before you the very truth and only the truth and I am ready for every comment from your side.

I gained 13kg in about half a year, from 57kg to 70kg at 170cm. According to BMI calculators it’s only 2kg of overweight!

Admittedly I don’t feel this way (it was somehow evenly distributed…. :D) and I accept myself completely, but a couple of times I’ve already heard “but you’ve become overweight”, which is not too nice I never thought that whenever I can get this kind of weight, metabolism was always good for me, but well, with age I think it will only get worse, so it’s better to take care of it beforehand.

What do you think, why is the last post on this blog dated April (5 months ago!)? The weight grew and I felt more and more devoid of motivation to tell you anything about a healthy lifestyle when I didn’t lead it myself. Only once in a while I was throwing something on the fanpage so that you wouldn’t forget about me completely, because I knew in my heart that I love blogging and that I would like to come back to it. So it’s time to examine my conscience.

How did it happen?

Quietly, certainly not from the recipes on my blog. In fact, over the last six months I would probably count on my fingers how many times I have used them – it’s a shame! Okay, so how did it finally happen? There are several reasons for this:

Stress. In the last 6 months, while still at university, I was looking for a job and took part in several multistage recruitment interviews. I got a job in which I am responsible for an international project in 7 countries for a big client, and at the same time there was a study session and diploma thesis writing.

On the other hand, just after the defense, it was time for another big project – a move away from parents (the most wonderful and beloved, but once it had to happen – 25 years is an ideal moment).

When so many things happen at once and you don’t have developed strong, healthy habits (on which I will work hard), unfortunately, taking care of your health has fallen into the background. Stupid is terribly stupid, because even healthy eating (not to mention movement) gives even more energy to act.

Lack of time (although now I know that this is an excuse), so there were no exercises – there were only walks or sightseeing during weekend excursions, occasional badminton or ping-pong in the open air. More frequent eating in the city, not necessarily healthy things (burgers, fatty delicacies of Polish cuisine or flour and cheese delicacies of Italian cuisine).

Often there was not even time (or strength) to cook a nutritious meal at home, well then what? A burgeon or a pizza with a delivery to the door itself, because it was faster.

My love for sweets grew in direct proportion to the amount of stress, and since sugar is very addictive, it ended up in the fact that a sweet snack was in my belly probably every day…. After all, a bar or a yeast soup is the best snacks on the run, right?

And even though this period in my life was really crazy and I think I’ve never worked at such a high speed, now I know that most of these reasons are just excuses. I strongly believe that if you want something, you can. And if health is a priority, there will always be time for a nutritious meal or training.

Surely I’ll have to work on my habits too, after all it won’t be easy to exchange an evening movie show with caloric snacks for an evening training. But how necessary! And there will also be time for the screenings, only without chocolate and chips this time I believe that you can eat healthily even if you lead an intensive lifestyle.

Okay, so what will I do about it?

“Slimming on spontaneously”!

Officially I am starting the 9-month process of returning to my weight, which I will regularly describe in the cycle of fasts “Spontaneous weight loss” – target of 70 kg → 57 kg (-13 kg in 9 months = only 1.5 kg per month, which gives a very slow and healthy pace – I recommend only such to you (avoid drastic diets and tremendous training).

With a weight of 57kg I felt the best in my life, so I want to come back to it. For some it’s not enough, for others it’s probably still too much (although it’s an unhealthy conviction), but the point is that we feel great in our bodies, whether weighing 57 kg or 70 kg.

Why “spontaneously”?

A healthy, tasty diet without processed products. “Spontaneous”, so without super-accurate counting of macronutrients and excessive calculation of calories. I will count the calorific value of the daily menu for 1-2 days a week in order to know that it is on a good track (about 1800 kcal at the reduction stage).

Limitation of food in the city, but not total cancellation. I simply choose healthier menu items. Probably a few times during these 9 months it will be difficult to avoid a burger at a meeting with friends (because everyone loves them!), but then I will simply order it without fries and a sweet drink.

Sweets are allowed as much as possible! But only the healthy ones, from the local recipes. As a second breakfast or afternoon snack, but not as a snack between meals. I don’t want to go back to eating shop sweets because they are far too addictive. If there will also be some occasion to celebrate (even the birthday of the nearest ones), I will not refuse to give a piece of cake to Mom or Grandmother (but not five this time :D). Common sense first of all.

3-4 trainings a week, depending on the number of duties. “On spontaneity”, so the trainings will be the way I want to, strength and mood (I won’t run in the rain, because that’s how I was planned, I’ll just practice at home, I’ll go to squash, swimming pool or yoga – the ground is to listen to my body). No excuses.